Leonard Weihao Cao| 曹伟豪

A Physics graduate student from UC San Diego.

Leonard Weihao Cao| 曹伟豪

Welcome to Weihao Cao’s personal website. I am a 1st-year graduate student at UC San Deigo, department of Physics. My research interests focus on quantum computing and condensed matter experiments, with personal interest in expanding potential interests multidisciplinary. I currently work in Professor Monica Allen’s group in 2D heterostructures.

You may refer to the Resume page or Detail Info for my profile or multimedia. On the Timeline page are some messy experiences. What’s more, the Blog page is used to record some sturctured knowledge.(Welcome for discussion!)
Finally, if you have any issues, contact me through the Contact page or email me directly.

Quantum Computing - Report
Machine Learning - Post 1 Post 2 Post 3
Data Visualization - Dashboard
Spin transfer torque calculation - Paper


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